IRKRS/KU Merchandise now available

Hi Guys,
as promised, this is a temporary post for all our members who aren’t on face book. If you want to order any of this stuff, let me know I will make up an order and we can split the postage costs. Please be aware the the prices quoted are $AU, not $NZ. I do have examples of most of this stuff if you want to see it IRL before deciding.


IRKRS/KU Merchandise

The Commemorative Challenge Coin
The commemorative challenge coin was not produced exclusively as an anniversary worthy of remembering but also as something to help celebrate our individuality, creative expression and desire for inner-peace, balance and happiness in life. I combined my dedication to the IRKRS and love for KU to produce this beautifully crafted symbol. In addition to reproducing the meaningful IRKRS logo on one side, I also included our Bushi Matsumura-inspired motto, “Virtue Before Vice – Values Before Vanity – Principles Before Personalities.” On the KU side of the coin I reproduced our meaningful Bunbu [文武] Pen & Sword logo along with our training motto, “Condition The Body – Cultivate The Mind – Nurture The Spirit.” In spite of our individuality we all share common goals, which make us like-minded. Practicing KU inconspicuously links us to a wonderful heritage; through training together we forge important bonds of friendship, and by living the art we honour its legacy, which in turn, keeps its spirit alive. The commemorative challenge coin is not just another collectible but rather minted especially to represent pride, loyalty, respect, and the wonderful memories shared. What separates us is not as important as what brings us together and I sincerely hope that this small but meaningful symbol might also serve to remind us of this message.

NOW available at $19.95 AUD plus shipping .. add an extra $5 to receive a smaller version of the same coin [includes small chain] which makes an excellent necklace or put on your keyring.

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